A Fractured Community

I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks now – even longer in my head. This is a difficult topic for me to post but I feel compelled. There are too many rumors and half-truths floating about in the my community; I can’t sit by while a problem...

Branch Specific Databases in Rails

If you’ve worked on a Rails project for any length of time and you use feature branches (you really should be), you quickly run into migrations “leaking” across your git branches.

Sometimes it isn’t a big deal, a missing field here, an extra field...

Gate (In)security

About a month ago, my wife and I moved to a new apartment (technically, it’s a condominium that we’re renting). It’s a gated community complete with RFID access cards and one of those boxes where visitors dial a code to ask us to let them through the...

Building a Boxing Gym

For a handful of reasons, my Dad decided that a punching bag in the garage wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Since I have a pretty decent background in martial arts, I acted as the consultant for this project.

My martial arts background is mostly with...

Upgrading my CentOS Server

My main server has been growing rather long in the tooth (CentOS 5.3) and until recently, I’ve been putting off actually doing something about it, since I’m just lazy. There were always a few “essential” domains and services that I couldn’t risk going...

Zencoder Node.js Module

Recently I was working on a node.js project that involved some audio encoding and I hit my first project snag - I wanted to use Zencoder to deal with the actual transcoding but I couldn’t find anything via npm that would help me out. Looks like it...

The Setup 2012

The Spring 2012 Setup

The Hardware

I’m rocking a 2011 15" Macbook Pro on a stand with the Apple Thunderbolt Display. I just added a Hoverbar which holds my iPad out to the side; I think it’ll be useful, but we’ll see.

My microphone is off to the side on a desk mounted...


Thanks to Jekyll and Jekyll S3 this site is hosted entirely on Amazon S3. All assets are served using Cloudfront - Amazon’s CDN that serves directly from S3.

The design was made entirely by myself and should would on most browsers and operating systems...

Favorite Software

Just as a reference for when a friend asks me what software I use, I figured I’d add a reference online for that. Without further ado, my list.

Macbook Pro

  • Application launcher: Alfred App
  • Feed Reader: Reeder
  • Chat: iChat
  • Bittorrent: Transmission

Decapitation at Virgina Tech

Yesterday (Thursday, January 22, 2009), a young woman was decapitated at Virgina Tech with a kitchen knife (via The Associated Press). She was a foreign student who had arrived less than three weeks prior to her death.

How could no one notice some...

24 Words

Announced and shared a few weeks ago, 24 words is a digital, shareable version of the classic Bingo and I figured now would be as good a time as any to give it a quick writeup since this is the first real project I’m sharing that isn’t just a backend...

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